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Division Street Tattoo Co

will not not compromise on jewelry quality period. We follow the strict guidelines of the Association of Professional Piercers using only internally threaded or threadlesss, implant grade steel, implant grade titanium, 14k and 18k gold, platinum. 

We start with reputable manufactures like Neometal, Leroi and others who have been in the industry for many years. Their attention to detail and reputation for High Quality jewelry is what you deserve for your new piercing. 

Jewelry quality also matters for healing purposes. Poorly polished, externally threaded, and non-biocompatible jewelry can result in piercings that will take far longer to heal.

We at DSTC take pride in knowing we are only using the best for each of our clients. Every piece of jewelry we display can be worn in your new piercing or added to any hole you might have. 

We offer many styles and more colors than anyone else in Wilson County.  Because we offer in house anodization of titanium jewelry, almost all of our jewelry can be anodized to a different color. For example, we currently offer 120 different navel curve jewelry options. Since any one of these navel curves can be anodized to 10 different colors, it’s like having 1200 options for our clients to choose from, just for the navel!

DSTC also sterilizes everything from the needle to tools and jewelry right in front of each client so you never have to wonder about cleanliness. Our Sterilization process is state of the art utilizing 2 in house STATIM autoclaves. 


The first thing we’ll do is help you pick out some jewelry and get you going on paperwork. Some piercings may require an anatomical consultation before jewelry selection, which we’ll take care of if necessary. Once your jewelry is selected, we’ll sterilize it along with any other instruments we need in our StatIM autoclave. This high tech sterilizer provides an ultra-fast 6 minute cycle so we can sterilize everything right before use.

We make it our priority to ensure each client has the safest and sterile environment as possible. We do Biological Spore testing each week per TN Health Dept. Guide lines as well as run a vapor strip with each load we process. 

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