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We carry NeilMed Sterile Saline Wound Wash here at DSTC. 

Suggested Aftercare Tips :

DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PIERCING!! (you are introducing a number of bacteria that do not belong in your bloodstream)

When it's time to clean, WASH your hands!

Leave your jewelry alone!! (unless tightening with clean hands)

Our bodies need to heal and manipulation of your jewelry interrupts that process. 

Follow the instructions on your aftercare product.

Downsize Jewelry! You may be pierced with longer jewelry to accommodate swelling for certain piercings. Once the initial swelling goes down you can purchase a shorter post or barbells to get you through the next phase of healing or last you for the remaining time you have your piercing.

Listen to your piercer when they give you instructions and information on your specific piercing. 

Enjoy ;)


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